This playbook allows anyone to easily design great virtual courses.

Learn how to bring together content and design in an engaging way that allows participants to actively apply what they have learned.

Elevate your impact, fine tune performance outcomes with ease, and design courses with confidence.

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“If you learn even 10% of what is in this book, the training you create will not only be engaging— but it’ll change your learners’ lives.”

Chad Littlefield

Co-founder and Chief Experience Officer, We and Me Inc.

“Hannah combines her real-world experience with a learner-centered design model to bring you this insightful handbook. She provides a roadmap that you can use to create meaningful virtual learning. Its a great addition to any learning professional’s bookshelf!”

Cindy Huggett

CPTD, Author, The Facilitator’s Guide to Immersive, Blended and Hybrid Learning

“Hannah’s book is beautifully illustrated with clever graphics and rich personal and workplace examples. Throughout her book there is always an emphasis on work performance and business goals while never forgetting the importance of knowing your learner as well as workplace and learning context.”

Harold D Stolovitch and Erica J Keeps

Authors, Telling Ain’t Training; Training Ain’t Performance; Know-How

As an award-winning learning strategist and design expert with over 20 years’ experience, Hannah Brown works with clients to create learning programs that develop employees and support the organization’s strategic objectives.

She helps people who train others design effective programs in less time, with more creativity, and with greater impact. Hannah has a passion for working collaboratively with clients to create learning and development solutions that change performance for the better.

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